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Smoke Alarms

       Smoke Detectors Save Lives 
‼️We certify, Replace & install smoke detectors‼️
Photoelectric alarms are recommended by Government fire departments as the preferred detector type for residential applications as they respond faster to smouldering fires, which are most common in homes. They are more sensitive to larger (often very toxic) smoke particles typically produced by slow smouldering fires. This kind of smoke is typically produced by common household materials, such as burning foam, rubber, Plastics and other synthetic materials commonly found in the furniture, appliances and consumer goods. Photoelectric alarms also produce less false alarms from harmless false alarms from harmless cooking smoke and they do not contain any radioactive material, meaning they are better for the environment. 
 Did you know? 
 * working fire alarms cut dying in a house fire in 1/2 
* 3 out of 5 house fire deaths are resulted from not having an operating smoke alarm. ( 38% had no smoke alarms 21% where not operational)
* Dead batteries cause 24% of the alarm failures
* In fires which a smoke alarm WAS present but DID NOT operate, almost half 46% of the smoke alarms had missing or disconnected batteries
Please check your smoke alarm at least once a month..
                                                     ....Call us today to have us check you smoke detector..
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